NextAct Cinemas, is an independent boutique theater that offers a unique, personalized movie going experience for our customers. You will have the option of eating and drinking while relaxing in a comfortable leather chair or come socialize and join us for beer and wine at the bar.  Seating is reserved so get your tickets early and join us at least 30 minutes prior to your movie showing to enjoy a meal.  Concession items can still be order throughout the movie from your seats.  

Because we enjoy meeting new people.  We welcome guests at anytime for a casual drink, snack, and even a conversation BUT REMEMBER you must arrive 30 minutes before your movie showtime to enjoy in-theatre service.

Admission policy

The admission policy for NextAct Cinemas is that all ages are welcome to most shows starting prior to 7pm. Movie ratings restrictions still apply. Showings after 7pm, NextAct Cinemas is a 21 and over environment and no one under 21 years of age is admitted for shows after 7pm.


We welcome people from all backgrounds who are fun, hard working, have loads of personality, but more importantly, who care about providing excellent service.  Check back soon for position postings or come into a theatre near you for an application.
Click to download job application. Email to hr@nextactcinema.com


NextAct Cinema at the Pikes
Coming Soon Early 2019